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Leading Innovation
1st Line of Diet Soft Drinks

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Leading Innovation
1st Nationally Distributed Full Flavor Line

Leading Product Excellence
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Leading Innovation
1st Nationally Distributed Flavor Line in 2-Liter Bottles, 3-Liter Bottles and 8oz. Cans

Leading Product Excellence
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Leading Innovation
1st Nationally Distributed Flavor Line in 1-Liter Wide Mouth Bottles

Leading Product Excellence
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Shasta 8oz cans Shasta


Diet Cola
Caffeine-Free Cola
Diet Caffeine-Free Cola
Ginger Ale
Diet Ginger Ale
Lemon-Lime Twist
Diet Lemon-Lime
Black Cherry
Root Beer
Tiki Punch

Available Sizes:

  • 8oz. Cans


  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Tray Systems
  • Vending Machines
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Shasta 8oz. Canned Soft Drinks*

Designed for healthcare tray systems

Ideally suited for healthcare tray systems, it fits easily into tray racks. The 8 ounce cans support your effort to control food costs and, since patients don’t normally consume 12 ounces, it prevents waste. The package is small, so it requires a third less storage area and is not easily spilled. Because of the unique size, it also controls pilferage. After all, an 8 ounce can would have only come from the storeroom.

  • Ideally suited for healthcare tray systems
  • Economical cost per unit
  • Eliminates waste and spillage
  • Controls pilferage
  • Brand recognition
  • Reduces storage

Shasta is nationally known for its full range of regular and diet flavors, which are sweetened with Sucralose to improve flavor. Research shows that over 50% of hospitals serve Shasta 8 ounce cans. Available from your food service distributor, Shasta’s competitively priced product offers you one less delivery and one less invoice to process.

* Some flavors available in limited markets