Leading Innovation
1st Line of Beverages in Cans

Leading Innovation
1st Line of Diet Soft Drinks

Leading Product Excellence
Consistently High Quality for 100+ Years

Leading Innovation
1st Nationally Distributed Full Flavor Line

Leading Product Excellence
Superior Taste-Backed by Independent Taste Test Results

Leading Innovation
1st Nationally Distributed Flavor Line in 2-Liter Bottles, 3-Liter Bottles and 8oz. Cans

Leading Product Excellence
Broad Consumer Appeal

Leading Innovation
1st Nationally Distributed Flavor Line in 1-Liter Wide Mouth Bottles

Leading Product Excellence
Shasta Offers the Most Popular Flavors in the Preferred Package Sizes Excellent Consumer Value

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Black Cherry
Club Soda
Ginger Ale
Lemon-Lime Twist
Root Beer
Diet Cola
Diet Ginger Ale
Diet Lemon-Lime
Diet Root Beer

Available Sizes:

  • 12oz. Cans


  • Airlines
  • Vending Machines
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Delis

Shasta Soft Drinks

Quality and variety designed to fit your needs

Shasta is the national brand your customers will recognize for its full range of regular and diet flavors. Shasta's reputation is based upon over 125 years of quality control and innovation. You get convenience and economy plus the special service only your local distributor can give.

  • Easy availability
  • Market segment applications
  • Diet Shasta
  • Brand Recognition
  • Industry leadership
  • Preferred taste

The 12 ounce soft drinks have a high incidence of usage in vending, airlines, camps, delis, caterers, C-Stores and school a la carte programs. Also, Shasta's Diet line of soft drinks are sweetened with Sucralose, which improves flavor and maintains Shasta's reputation for the best tasting, multi-flavor line of diet soft drinks.